Our very first brew!

Greetings y’all! Today was a momentous day for Armadillo Ale Works™. We brewed our very first commercial batch of beer. Quakertown Stout™ is a slamming concoction of two row barley, brown malt, dark wheat, oats, roasted barley, Blackprinz malt, and the most robust maple syrup we could get our hands on. We can’t wait for […]

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“A good time at the Best Texas Beer Fest”

Critic’s choice: Personally, the best samples I found throughout the day were not beers at all but non-alcoholic sodas from Armadillo Ale Works™. The Denton start-up is making a line of branded craft sodas to raise money for their future commercial brewing efforts, currently available in stores around Denton and the North Dallas area. Click here for […]

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“Year in review: Denton laid the foundation for a new chapter in arts”

Lift an ale to Denton Two scrappy young men – Bobby Mullins and Yianni Arestis – went from being beer enthusiasts to serious home brewers. With a grant from the University of North Texas and a Kickstarter.com campaign that has raised $34,002, Armadillo Ale Works™ is an emerging young business that specializes in ales. And […]

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“Homebrewers Bringing Crafty Ale to Denton”

Grabbing a cold one to the creative minds who make up Armadillo Ale Works™ in a Denton garage means popping the top off a bottle of dreams. “I had brewed as a hobby. Never thought I’d do it professionally. Right before I graduated I kind of had a, I don’t know, I was worried that […]

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“Brewery in Planning: Armadillo Ale Works™ Uses Online Fundraising”

Bobby Mullins and Yianni Arestis have a dream to bring quality craft beer to Denton, Texas, and they’ve proven that the Denton community is ready and eager to support their goal. Along with many of the traditional fundraising routes, the duo has successfully used Kickstarter to raise $30,000 for the funding of Armadillo Ale Works™. Click […]

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“Armadillo Ale Works™: One Big Step Closer To Keeping Denton Beered”

When the last day of their Kickstarter campaign rolled around, Bobby Mullins and Yianni Arestis of Armadillo Ale Works™ were getting nervous. Although they had been approached by investors who wanted to help them open Denton’s first craft brewery, a lot of that money was contingent on the two young entrepreneurs bringing plenty of their own cash […]

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“All in this together”

Two guys with a dream, plus a goal of raising $30,000 in 45 days – it seems like an unlikely equation for success. But add a crowd funding website, multiply by 371 backers – and those two guys are $4,000 over their goal. Click here to read the cover story by the Denton Business Chronicle. […]

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“Episode 5”

Click here to watch “Episode 5” of Denton Ventures on Denton TV.

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“Refreshing Ambition”

If Denton was a six-pack of beer, what would it taste like? For upstart Denton brewers Bobby Mullins and Yianni Arestis, it would be four flavors of lovingly crafted ale, each with a distinct flavor and character. Click here for the full article by Denton Time. Generic Viagra online is the simplest option by which […]

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