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35 Denton, one of my favorite annual festivals in Denton, is happening this weekend. This will be my first year to actually attend the fest and not work through the entire thing (though I’m sure I’ll have to work in some form or fashion, but brewery work is fun work, so whatevs) and I am really excited. Seeing local businesses, artists, musicians, and volunteers all collaborating to make this huge operation a success is an amazing thing to witness each year. It’s events like this that make me love Denton and proud to call it my home. There are many great touring acts coming through Little D this weekend, but don’t forget about the plethora of amazing local acts that will be playing as well. Denton is blessed with a large community of truly remarkable local musicians that many times go unnoticed. So make it a point to discover some new local music this weekend; you won’t be disappointed. Promise.

And what goes better with local music than local beer? Both are born out of the love and passion for the art we create and I think that shines through to those who consume it. Whether it’s the perfect (or purposely imperfect) structure of tones, rhythms, and words or the perfectly balanced (or purposely unbalanced) concoction of grains, hops, and yeast, both local musicians and local craft brewers are driven to create and are striving for the same things: to create something new, something different, and something that moves us. So if you’re attending 35 Denton this weekend (if you’re not, what’s wrong with you?), I encourage you to pair your awesome local music experience with an awesome local beer.

Suggested Local Music & Local Craft Beer Pairings:
(Venues may not carry suggested beer. Call it wishful thinking…)

  • A.M. Ramblers, Deep Ellum Brewing’s Dallas Blonde
    • Dan’s Silverleaf, Saturday 2:20 PM
  • Doug Burr, Revolver’s Blood & Honey
    • Sweetwater, Sunday 11:30 PM
  • Ella Minnow, Lakewood Brewing’s Temptress
    • Sweetwater, Friday 10:30 PM
  • H.I. Jr., Deep Ellum Brewing’s IPA
    • Burguesa, Saturday 11:30PM
  • Hares on the Mountain, Armadillo Ale Works™’ Quakertown Stout™
    • Dan’s Silverleaf, Friday 9:30 PM
  • Old Snack, Four Corners’ Local Buzz
    • Mellow Mushroom, Friday 11:30 PM
  • Yeahdef, Rahr & Son’s Ugly Pug
    • Main Stage One, Saturday 4:00 PM

And in case you were wondering – and I know you were, Quakertown Stout™ will be flowing at the following 35 Denton venues all weekend:

One more thing:
If I see you wearing an Armadillo Ale Works™ T-shirt at the fest, I might give you an Armadillo Ale Works™ koozie – and maybe a kiss (if you’re pretty and stuff). Follow my tweets @ArmadilloAles to catch my whereabouts.

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