“Homebrewers Bringing Crafty Ale to Denton”

Grabbing a cold one to the creative minds who make up Armadillo Ale Works™ in a Denton garage means popping the top off a bottle of dreams.

“I had brewed as a hobby. Never thought I’d do it professionally. Right before I graduated I kind of had a, I don’t know, I was worried that I wasn’t going to be able to find jobs in the DFW area. So, I was like, what’s my next passion? I like making beer. So, I hit up all the local Texas breweries and luckily landed a job at St. Arnold,” said Armadillo Ale Works™ Co-Founder and Head Brewer Bobby Mullins.

Mullins and his business partner Yianni Arestis make up Armadillo Ale Works™, currently housed in a small garage. The idea is to bring quality craft beer to Denton.

Click here for the full article on nbcdfw.com.

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