Getting Canned

Canned Poster

We’re getting geared up for Canned Fest this weekend. It’s the first craft beer festival to be held in our hometown and we’re super stoked to be a part of it. If you haven’t heard of Canned Fest, it’s a beer and music festival featuring only craft beer in cans. Why cans? Putting beer in aluminum cans instead of glass or plastic is better for the beer, better for the environment, and ultimately better and more convenient for you. Aluminum cans don’t let the beer inside get exposed to light or air, which can seriously destroy the beer’s flavor, making it musty and skunky. They weigh less and take up less space than their glass and plastic counterparts, meaning we can ship more beer using a smaller amount of fuel in our trucks, and they’re are fully recyclable too! And of course, you can take aluminum cans where breakable glass can’t go, like pools, lakes, rivers, hiking, sporting events, and more. So this Saturday, come out to Canned Fest to celebrate craft beer in cans and be sure to get there early to catch two of my favorite local bands, A.M. Ramblers and Hares on the Mountain.

Back in early August, we started canning our Greenbelt Farmhouse Ale™. It’s been an amazing experience seeing those beautiful aluminum vessels gracing store shelves across the metroplex and hearing some great feedback from all of you.

Ball Sign

We got the cans manufactured at the Ball plant in Fort Worth. Their facility is impressive to say the least with huge machinery and conveyers going in all directions as far as the eye can see. Imagine if Willy Wonka made aluminum cans instead of candy and he didn’t have any Oompa Loompas – that pretty much sums up their factory.  We were able to actually witness them being made from gigantic rolls of aluminum into blank silver cans and then see them get printed with the fantastic label (designed by our friend and branding-wizard, Collin Lewis).

Fresh Cans

Fresh cans right off the line at Ball.

Since we’re still brewing our beer at Deep Ellum Brewing Company while we work towards getting our own location open in Denton, we teamed up with TX Canning, a Dallas-based mobile canning company, to get our beer in the cans. They’re a great group of people who handle all of the packaging process so we can focus on making the beer.

Canning run

Cans being filled with Greenbelt Farmhouse Ale™

In just a few short months we’ve been able to get our beer into many more retailers throughout DFW and we’re adding more everyday. Want to find it near you? Check out our Beer Finder to see where it’s sold. Want to see it in your favorite watering hole? Ask them to contact us at Cheers! – Bobby

kroger display


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