Armadillo Ale Works™ began as a dream to bring quality craft brewing to a city that deserves it. In 2015, we’ll make that dream and reality!

Our Story:

We started this awesome adventure in 2010 with nothing more than a handful of beer and soda recipes, a business plan, and a hunch that Denton needed a craft brewery to call it’s own. Later that year, our business idea received third place in the Murphy Center for Entrepreneurship’s 2010 New Venture Creation Contest through the University of North Texas’ College of Business. From there our business plan began to evolve and we began to sample our brews around North Texas to get valuable feedback from local craft beer lovers. In early-2011, we held a very successful Kickstarter campaign in which a lot of fantastic people who believed in what we were doing donated $34,002. After our Kickstarter was fully funded, our hunch was more than confirmed: DENTON WANTED CRAFT BEER.

It was a good start, but we still had a long way to go. Getting a brewery open in Texas requires a lot of capital and even more legal red tape, so we couldn’t sell our beer just yet. We like to consider this our own little “prohibition.” Since it’s a lot easier to brew and sell soda in Texas than beer we continued on our journey by creating two all-natural, hand-crafted, Prohibition-inspired sodas. This allowed us to raise a little more money and gain some more momentum as we moved towards getting the brewery open.

Fast forward to 2012, the guys at Deep Ellum Brewing Company approached us with an offer we couldn’t pass up: to help us get our beer on the market while we continued to raise funds to get our brewery open in Denton. This opportunity made our beers available throughout Denton, DFW, and occasionally Austin and Houston too! Our popularity grew and we even won some prestigious awards. Deep Ellum Brewing produced our beer until early 2015 when we finally made the leap to our own facility in Denton. Construction is currently underway and we are on track to open in 2016.

Our Brewery:

We love Denton and we want our beers to represent that. Our core lineup of beers draw inspiration from the culture, history, and the people of Denton.

Once we move into our own space, we’d like to utilize it not just as a brewery, but as an outlet for local artists and musicians to showcase their talent. We plan to have art openings and concerts within the brewery and serve our beer at those events.

More coming soon…

Our Crew:

Yianni Arestis
“Yian E. Fresh”
Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

I’ve known since a young age I wanted to start my own business. Luckily my buddy Bobby got me into the craft beer scene… ever since then I’ve been looking forward to opening up our brewery and sharing our passion with the community.

Bobby Mullins
“Brewmaster Flash”
Co-Founder, Chief Brewing Officer

When I discovered the world of craft beer it was love at first sip. After college, I gained valuable insight to the craft brewing industry as a brewer at Saint Arnold Brewing Company in Houston. Instead of waiting around for someone else to open a brewery in Denton, I moved back to open Armadillo Ale Works™ with Yianni.

Will Sikora
“Willé 3000”
Customer Service Liaison

After spending time in Denver, CO during the Craft Beer movement, I knew this was something I wanted to be a part of. I moved back home to Texas where I was ready to persue my love for the craft. Now, I get to be a part of Armadillo Ale Works™ and continue to learn more about the industry every day. 

Collin Lewis
Creative Director

Collin Lewis is an art director, designer, illustrator, multi-instrumentalist, amateur cryptozoologist, sci-fi enthusiast, film archiver, vintage motorcycle aficianado, avid Scrabble player, omnivore, excellent marksman, and gentleman of leisure when time permits.

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